Artificial intelligence will impact all businesses between 2020 and 2030

In recent years, we developed insurance platform with sophisticated underwriting algorithms such as Delta Digital for Lloyd’s Insurance London.

We are also one of the pioneers of electricity aggregators in United States and successfully exited after 5 years.

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Automation is the next technological shift

Data is the new code. Artificial intelligence or automation depends heavily on high quality data. The growth rate of automation will accelerate over the next decade as more higher quality data is made available to engineers.

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Google Co- Founder – Eric Schmidt discusses the future of AI

Artificial intelligence or machine learning will automate processes, increase efficiency and combat against the aging workforce for businesses in many countries.

What kind of company would Bill Gates start today?

Artificial intelligence between 2020 and 2030

Many automated software will appear within the next 10 years. We feel the need to deep dive in artificial intelligence to develop our own technology, enabling a new age of technology and ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future

Invest in Japanese AI technology

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